Curtains for the window on the stairs: for narrow, long, wide, small windows, with photo and description

At the design stage of a two-story private house, the type of staircase, its location in the house, the material and style of the external design are determined in accordance with the interior design of the house. A window in a private house - its shape, size, decoration also depends on the parameters of the staircase for the lighting of which it is installed and on the style of the facade of the house, on which the staircase window should look harmonious and natural.

Methods for designing staircase windows and choosing between the classic option and modern panoramic glazing will be discussed in this article.

Ready option

Ways to decorate a window above a staircase

With panoramic glazing, you don’t have to hang curtains on the window above the stairs - the surrounding landscape, stunning in its beauty and pristineness, will become the main decoration.

But there are several key disadvantages of such glazing - an open external view will attract the gaze of strangers, especially if this part of the house faces a busy street, and on sunny days the staircase and adjacent rooms will overheat.

There are various options to solve these problems:

  • Decorating with curtains for stairs

will allow you to create the necessary atmosphere in the interior of a private house, selecting them in accordance with the stylistic direction;

Curtains on the window above the stairs, combined with the interior of the house, look attractive and aesthetically pleasing

  • Vertical or horizontal blinds

make it possible to regulate the degree of illumination of the space, which curtains on the stairs cannot;

  • Matte film

it is glued directly to the glass, and you can easily do it yourself;

  • Tinted glass with energy-saving effect

a practical solution if the windows face south and it is hot there all the time;

When ordering a window system, you can install mirrored glass units;

  • Frosted light-diffusing glass

they do not reduce the level of lighting in the room, but do not allow passers-by to see what is inside the house;

  • Colored tinted glass

they can be monochromatic or made using stained glass technique;

  • Electrochromatic glasses with remote control

this new technology allows ordinary-looking glass to become 100% impenetrable to sunlight when required.

What to remember when decorating a window on a staircase

The curtain should not only match the style, but also sometimes take into account the non-standard shape of the window, as in the photo

There are several features that are important to consider when decorating a window above a staircase with curtains or other materials:

  • The window opening may be difficult to reach, for example, if it is located too high;
  • The design may have non-standard dimensions - shape and size, as a result of which the curtains for the stairs will need to be sewn to order;
  • You should carefully consider the quality of the fabric for the curtains on the stairs for the ability to transmit light. If there is not enough natural light entering the staircase, due to a certain orientation of the building, or there is some kind of external obstruction, then the fabric of the curtains should allow the penetration of light, and not obscure it even more. And, on the contrary, if there is too much light, then the fabric is selected taking into account this feature;
  • It is important to consider the interior design of the room;
  • You need to decide which goal is a priority - to emphasize the window opening or to disguise the window on the stairs with curtains;
  • You need to decide for yourself how much you can spend on this type of work.

Instructions for choosing curtains for the stairs in the house

Properly selected curtains will decorate the interior of a private home. The photo shows one of the best options for curtains for a small window above the stairs

The instructions for the ideal choice of curtains for a window on a staircase in a private house contain a number of recommendations that will help you avoid making annoying mistakes:

  • The length of the canvas must be chosen correctly. It is unacceptable for the curtain fabric for the stairs in a private house to lie on the floor of the turntable or steps, even if the flowing drapery looks appropriate in the existing interior. Curtains that are too short will not look very nice, as will “torn” walls in the middle. It is necessary to select the optimal length in accordance with the geometry of the space;
  • If you previously hung a curtain that was too long above the stairs, you can correct the bad length using a tieback that is fixed on one side of the window opening. Asymmetry in window design always looks original;
  • Blinds will be a practical solution and a worthy alternative to fabric curtains on the stairs in a cottage. They are easy to operate and easy to maintain. For modern interiors, horizontal blinds are an excellent option, and for traditional ones, vertical fabric products with different textures and patterns are available; there are even blinds with photo printing;
  • If the tinted window has a beautiful outline - round or in the form of an arch - then it does not need to be further decorated. When ordering a window system, it is enough to choose a decorative layout in a double-glazed window, which can be golden, silver or white;
  • In the window niche you can mount glass shelves for plants or accessories if the window is not decorated with textiles and remains “open”;
  • A window opening of an unsuccessful shape can be disguised with the help of textiles, the color of which matches the shade of the walls - then the curtains for the stairs in the house should be chosen in a single color to match the color of the finishing wall material;
  • In order for a large amount of natural light to penetrate into the staircase area, you should choose light flowing fabrics for the curtains above the stairs;
  • It is important to take into account the color of the finishing materials on the walls when choosing colors that can harmoniously combine with them, set them off or create contrast;
  • To make the space on the landing look spacious, you should abandon additional decor - with it, curtains for the window on the stairs can look massive and bulky;
  • The curtain fabric for a large window on the stairs should be resistant to fading.

Tips and tricks

To properly design a flight of stairs, take note of these tips from designers:

  • Make sure the living areas and staircase fit together. If you think that they do not look harmonious, try combining them using accessories or finishing materials - for example, you can decorate the stairs with the same type of wood as the furniture in the rooms, or place similar paintings in the living areas and along the stairs.
  • Consider the dimensions of the stairs. If it is wide and short, it can be visually extended by longitudinal stripes on wallpaper or similar accessories. If the stairs are narrow, use transverse stripes. On the wall along a narrow staircase, do not place many paintings and photographs - the space will be overloaded.
  • Make sure the stairs are comfortable. You should not experiment with the shape of the railing or place large accessories on the steps. If you are hanging three-dimensional elements on the walls, make sure that they are located quite high and cannot be touched while moving.

Types of curtains for a window on the stairs in a private house

There are many models of curtains that will allow you to effectively decorate a window opening above the stairs to the second floor of a private house or cottage.

There are a huge variety of types of curtains for staircase windows. The photo shows a classic curtain on the stairs

In a classic interior, French curtains on a long window on the stairs will look impressive. They are ideal for high window openings. This type of curtain is distinguished by the presence of soft drapery, which contributes to the formation of beautiful folds. Any textile is suitable for sewing them - both heavy satin and airy veil.

French curtains always look elegant and festive. In the photo they are successfully integrated into the interior of the staircase space for large and long windows

For a low window opening near the stairs, this is not the best option due to the bulkiness of the structure. It is preferable to use a smooth cloth. It is this that will allow you to create the main distinctive element of the French style - folds. This design option will add chic and shine to the interior. For self-tailoring, we will give one piece of advice. The footage of the fabric should exceed the size of the window, since the curtain on the stairs in the cottage should cover the window structure completely.

French-style curtains are distinguished by soft drapery and a large number of folds, which will look most harmonious on a tall structure. The material can be anything - heavy satin or an airy veil will help create a unique look for the window opening.

A French curtain on a small window above the stairs can look great. In the photo it is sewn from thin fabric without a pattern.

Note! For French curtains on a small window on the stairs, you need to choose a smooth fabric that will not look bulky.

Italian-style curtains consist of two pieces of fabric connected and fixed on a curtain rod. On the side, each canvas has a pick-up. You can decorate the joint of the canvases with ties or voluminous tassels. Tiebacks can be made in the form of a cord or a ring. Double-layer curtains on stairs with a white base and contrasting fabrics look most impressive. Italian curtains will look most harmonious on a narrow, high window opening.

The photo shows a version of a curtain for a window on a staircase in the Italian style - with a traditional side tie

Italian style is two pieces of fabric connected and fixed on a cornice, with tiebacks on the sides. The joint of the canvases is decorated with a bow or tassels. Rings or a cord usually serve as a catch. To sew Italian long curtains on the stairs, heavy curtain fabrics are recommended. Double-layer curtains look gorgeous when the colored side panels contrast with the white base. Such curtains look most advantageous on a high and narrow opening. With their help, you can adjust the size of the window up or down. The advantages of this option are reasonable price, ease of sewing and ease of fastening. Italian style will add romanticism and aristocracy to the room.

Note! Before you start sewing curtains for the stairs between floors, you need to carefully measure the window opening. If a large number of folds are expected, then the width of the window opening should be increased by at least 2 times.

Roman blinds are chosen for small windows located within reach for manual control of the lifting and lowering mechanisms. The width and height of such curtains must correspond to the dimensions.

The Roman curtain is a universal option. It is suitable for windows of all shapes and sizes. In the photo, the curtain on the long and narrow window above the stairs looks very impressive

A Roman blind is suitable for a small window on the stairs. The lifting and lowering mechanism is located on the window itself, and the size of the canvas and the opening exactly correspond to each other. The length of the Roman curtain can be adjusted. Its peculiarity is the complexity of its manufacture. Wrinkle-resistant fabrics are ideal for sewing. The ideal evenness of the canvas is achieved using a special fastening technique and support.

You can often find triangular windows near the stairs. If the staircase has just such an opening, then the main task here is to ensure that the curtain on the window above the stairs does not slide down. To do this you need to make the right cornice. You can also hang curtains on metal holders. Pleated curtains give an aesthetic appearance to the window opening near the stairs; they are durable, but more expensive than regular curtains. The range of choice is huge, there are more than 200 types of such fabrics. These curtains on a large window on the stairs can be combined with others or decorate the interior on their own.

You can also choose a curtain for an opening of a non-standard shape. In the photo, the curtain on the arched window on the stairs effectively plays up the asymmetry of the window opening

Rooms with large windows look extraordinary. Some people like them, some don't. The main task is to properly decorate the windows on the stairs with curtains. After all, such an architectural feature of a private house opens up prospects for the development of imagination. You need to choose curtains without adjusting to the window. You need to fit them correctly into the interior of the room.

Classic style

The classics include French curtains, straight tulle, curtains, and lambrequins.

French curtains are often chosen for narrow and tall windows. They can be hung solo or combined with curtains. On wide openings (at least 1.5–2 m), French curtains look beautiful with lambrequins. With narrow ones, it’s better not to take risks; the lambrequins look like icicles on them.

If the windows are located along the flight of stairs at different heights, they can be decorated with light tulle, beautifully picking up the canvas on one side.

Another classic design option is light straight curtains framing the window opening. The best material for this purpose is plain linen, especially if the staircase is wooden.

Staircase windows are often installed on the facade of a house, and they can be very large - 2-3 floors high. Therefore, when choosing curtains, it is important to consider how they will look from the street. Roller blinds don't look good at all - when closed they simply blend into the wall. If you use French or Roman blinds, make them at least half lift. This is convenient if you need to look out the window.

Choosing curtains for the window near the stairs

An interfloor staircase in a private house is a connecting link between rooms or floors. All rooms in the apartment have different design solutions. Therefore, it is important that the decoration of the staircase window is laconic and universal and corresponds to the design techniques used in the interior.

A beautiful curtain can completely transform the space on the stairs. The photo shows a curtain for a large window with “bishop sleeve” decor

How to choose curtains for the stairs between floors? Follow the instructions:

  • Pay attention to light curtains for the window above the stairs, which do not prevent sunlight from entering the room.
  • The color of the textile should set off the wallpaper or contrast with it.
  • The absence of decorative details will contribute to the visual spaciousness of the landing.
  • A vertical pattern will “raise” the ceiling, so it is with this pattern that you should choose curtains for a long window on the stairs. Horizontal stripes or patterns, on the contrary, will visually “stretch” the opening in width, so choose such curtains for a narrow window on the stairs.
  • Choose a practical fabric that contains polyester. This material practically does not fade, it is easy to wash and does not have to be ironed, which is especially important for heavy curtains on a long window on the stairs.
  • Simple and laconic curtains for the stairs in a private house will sparkle with new colors if you hang them on a designer cornice.

Decorating a window on the stairs using curtains

Curtains on the window above the stairs always add coziness

Very often the layout of cottages and private houses is such that a window is provided on the flight of stairs. This was done not only to enhance the intensity of natural light, but also to create a harmonious appearance of the cottage. However, in order to balance the level of natural light and somehow decorate and design the window opening, you need to choose a suitable curtain for the window on the stairs, which would not stand out from the general interior context and fulfill its main functions, such as protection from the sun and strangers eye.

Often, such curtains for the stairs between floors in a cottage serve as a kind of connecting link in the entire stylistic chain. For example, by choosing an embroidered classic curtain, you can make it the central detail of your interior in the same style. Is this choice as simple as it might seem at first glance? Not really, when choosing a staircase curtain you should take into account some important nuances, taking into account which you can choose the most successful decoration for your window, turning it into a real interior masterpiece.

In the photo, a wide and long window is effectively decorated with several long curtains, complemented by a light veil.

No matter what size your window space is, you have a great opportunity to choose the perfect curtain to frame it. Of course, a large window in a country house means plenty of light, good ventilation and safe climbing up the stairs. However, if your window space is not large or has a non-standard shape, this does not mean that you have no chance of choosing stylish drapery for it. You can easily transform the whimsicality of its shapes, for example, with the help of an asymmetrical design of curtains for the stairs, and decorate a small window space with mini curtains.

Photo curtains for a long and narrow irregularly shaped window above the stairs

Today, the variety offered by modern specialized stores is so great that everyone, regardless of the layout of their home and financial capabilities, can easily choose exactly the option of curtains for the window on the stairs that will look most advantageous in a certain interior.

So, let's look at the main problems that may arise when designing a window opening on a flight of stairs. Among them are the following:

  • poor lighting associated with the location or size of the window space;
  • non-standard shapes or architectural flaws in the layout of the window on the stairs.

In the photo, the curtains on the window above the stairs are ideally selected taking into account the size of the opening and its location

When choosing a design for curtains for the stairs, the following conditions should be taken into account:

  • General style of your home. When selecting a curtain, do not forget that its disharmony with the entire interior composition can incredibly ruin the look of your renovation. Therefore, be sure to adhere to the style that is inherent in the entire interior.
  • Decide on the goal that you want to achieve with a curtain for the window above the stairs: you can either emphasize the shapes and sizes of your window space, or correct some roughness and design flaws.

By comparing all these factors, it will be easier for you to understand which curtains to hang on the window on the stairs in the cottage and what budget to allocate for them.

TOP 10 tips for choosing curtains for stairs

You can choose the perfect curtain without even being a designer. In the photo, the curtains above the stairs are a good example of combining blue walls with a brown floor using a pattern on the fabric

  1. Be very careful when choosing the length of the curtain for a window on a staircase in a private house. If you have a small window, opt for curtains that match the size of the double-glazed window or a length just below the window sill. A large window space can be decorated with floor-length curtains, but don’t overdo it. Curtains whose length reaches the middle of the wall will look clumsy and out of place.
  2. Opt for lightweight tulle fabrics that allow sunlight to pass through well.
  3. Do not choose curtains for a long window on the stairs, the colors of which will create a contrast with the design of the walls.
  4. You should not resort to using a large number of decorative elements; this is absolutely inappropriate in a flight of stairs.
  5. To “raise” low ceilings, use curtains on a long window on a staircase with vertical stripes.
  6. If your window space lets in a lot of light, choose curtains made from textiles that are resistant to fading and discoloration.
  7. Do not forget that the curtain rod on the stairs should also not stand out from the overall style of the house.
  8. For convenience, you can choose a roller type curtain for a high window on the stairs.
  9. For hidden and inconspicuous installation of curtains on the stairs between floors in a cottage, cassette systems are suitable.
  10. To open the curtains on a high window on the stairs, you can install an automatic lift.

Types of window glass

  • Matte - with shading so as not to let in too much light.
  • With inlay - to highlight the unique design style.
  • Mirrored - block the view of the house from the street.
  • Electrically polarized - high-tech systems that will dim when you need it.

The choice and design of a window for a staircase is determined by the design style of the room, the size of the flight of stairs and the climate of the area where the house is located. Keep this in mind when making a purchase.

A flight of stairs in a house is a space with an unusual layout. Choosing a suitable design can be difficult: it is important to take into account the design style of the entire house, the features of the span and its size. Below is detailed information on how to choose finishes, accessories and lighting for your staircase, taking into account all its features.

Fashionable curtains for the window on the stairs

Hang new curtains on your staircase window to refresh and update your interior in minutes.

Curtains for a large window on the stairs, of course, should be practical and functional. But we must not forget about the decorative component. In addition, replacing curtains is the easiest and fastest way to update your interior. What kind of curtains on the stairs are in fashion now?

  • Japanese

This type of curtain is also very suitable for large windows above the stairs. They are mounted on a special cornice and can be moved horizontally. It is better to use several directly hanging canvases. Moreover, the color can be any. You can choose one color scheme, or you can combine several. Panels can be of different widths. Very narrow panels can rotate around their axis. The curtains on the large window on the stairs are moved using a chain, which is very convenient and practical.

  • Bamboo and straw

The eco-trend dictates its requirements, and the curtains on the staircase window in the cottage did not go unnoticed. It is not recommended to use curtains made from natural fabrics such as cotton or linen - they wrinkle heavily, fade and fade quickly. In general, such curtains will not retain their attractive appearance for long. The same cannot be said about curtains on the stairs in a private house made of bamboo or straw.

Such curtains are quite strong and dense; they are treated with special compounds to repel dust and prevent fading. Therefore, even for a window on the sunny side this will be an excellent option.

  • Combined

The photo shows an option for a successful combination of different fabrics and textures in one curtain on the window above the stairs

You can complement roller blinds and Roman blinds on a large window above the stairs with other curtains. For a classic interior style, you can choose Austrian-style curtains with thick drapes. It is important that such curtains are suitable only for a large window on the stairs - on a small or narrow one they will create visual congestion.

  • With large eyelets

Curtains with eyelets will look original on a large window. This is a great example of curtains for a narrow window on a staircase. Eyelets are small rings that are attached to the curtains themselves. They move very easily along the ledge. The length of the curtains should be maximum, that is, reach the floor, but thanks to the eyelets, the heavy and long fabric will be easily moved to the side if necessary.

  • Rich colors

Fashionable curtains in current geometric colors. In addition, the photo shows an excellent example of curtains for a long and narrow window above the stairs - horizontal stripes balance the shape of the opening

Nowadays, rich colors are in fashion. Curtains made of loose and heavy fabrics will look good on large windows. Velor and velvet will give the room a strict and expensive look. It is worth considering the option of using such curtains for an arched window on the stairs.

  • Provence style

Provence is characterized by the following features: pastel colors, only natural fabric, floral prints, natural textures. Such curtains would look appropriate on a narrow window on the stairs. They can also be decorated with braid, tassels, lace or artificial flowers.

  • Country style

In the photo, delicate curtains on a small window above the country-style staircase beautifully complement the rough wooden railings

Preference is given to fabrics made of linen, chintz, and cotton. Simplicity is an indispensable requirement for country-style curtains. Natural colors range from green to brown. Country uses rich shades, unlike Provence. But, as in the previous case, such curtains above the stairs in a private house are suitable for small windows.

Tall window design

Openings with a large height are not united by a general classification.

Each has its own characteristics. For example:

  1. Tall narrow windows located at a distance of more than 1.5 m from the floor. Characteristic of the Art Nouveau style, houses with double light, where up to five openings are located on one wall. They are united by a common lambrequin, and window curtains consist of one or a pair of canvases 5–7 meters long.
  2. Tall, wide openings located low. Present in art deco, hi-tech, and minimalist style houses. Modern types of interiors require a similar design. Window decor with roller blinds, Roman blinds or blinds is suitable.
  3. Wide, high openings equidistant from the ceiling and floor. Classic style, chalet. Decoration with curtains seems to be the most widespread. Multi-layering is appropriate - lambrequins, tulle, dense structural or weightless curtains.

Windows, like doors, do not overshadow the entire interior of the room, but only complement it. They are already grandiose and do not require elaborate design.

Photo of curtains for a window on the stairs: gallery with the best curtain options

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