How to arrange corner sofas in the interior of a small room? Photos and tips

A sofa in the interior of any room can become a central element.

What are the advantages of such furniture?

  • Corresponds to the general style, regardless of the design.
  • Changes the appearance, depending on the wishes of the customer.
  • The sofa mechanism can instantly become a comfortable place to relax.
  • Allows you to rationally use every free centimeter of space.

What to rely on when choosing?

  1. Original texture or ornament. This solution would be appropriate only when using neutral shades for other furniture elements.
  2. Adding the finishing touches. Even small furniture can become the center of decoration if you use brightly colored upholstery wisely. The main thing is that the rest of the interior is neutral, otherwise it will be impossible to make the corner sofas themselves effective in the interior of a small room, photos of which are presented in large numbers on our website.
  3. A new and unique image can be created using designer sofas in the interior, photos prove this. Such furniture has different shapes and colors, but remains an original solution.
  4. Classic style. An option that never goes out of style. There are usually no unnecessary details; the design has only strict lines. Bolsters or quilted upholstery help highlight the armrest area. The colors are only neutral. If there is a pattern, it is minimal.

Interior styles of a one-room apartment

What style is best for a small apartment? Laconic or exquisitely delicate, strict, with a minimum of non-functional details and decorations. These include:

· classic version;

· cold-cozy Scandinavian;

· romantic Provence;

· practical American country;

· innovative high-tech;

· strict minimalism.

Mixed trends give the apartment a special charm, for example, eco elements in neoclassical design, or national Russian motifs surrounded by modernism. There is no need to be afraid to bring something of your own to the standard design. The main thing is that the whole composition looks harmonious.

Interior of a small room. Corner sofas, affordable solutions

Photos of corner sofas in the interior of a small room show how comfortable such furniture models can be. They take up minimal space. If there is not much free space, it will rather serve to place a sofa than as a decoration in the room.

Which is better: heated floors or radiators?

Warm floorBatteries

  • One of the successful solutions is structures consisting of several sections. They seem to be turning away from each other. For example, the side part, which has a back, turns inward, allowing you to create a small work area. And the straight part faces the TV. But such models are rare.
  • Semicircular shapes in rooms where space is limited will not be a good choice. They will lose all their attractive appearance if placed in a corner. Free space will be lost when the structure is placed centrally
  • You can use modular products, even small ones. They will embellish and diversify any interior.
  • Photos of corner sofas in the interior of a small room will help you see that the model becomes lighter thanks to the low backs. But this is not a suitable option for baroque style, classical solutions.
  • The chaise longue has no backrest, which is why it should be preferred to other models. It does not divide the room into several lines and looks elegant and beautiful.

Photo of the interior of a small room. Corner sofas in the kitchen

Here, as the photo of corner sofas in the interior of a small room shows, furniture sometimes becomes the only way to organize an area for eating.

  1. Application of covers. One of the advantages that follows directly from the disadvantages. Fabrics are destroyed when exposed to steam, high levels of humidity and evaporation. This also applies to furniture upholstery. Covers, fabric or leather will help solve the problem.
  2. Photos of corner sofas in the interior of a small room prove that such furniture is an excellent solution for those who want to highlight the dining area. To visually designate this zone, you need to choose bright colors and patterns.
  3. The practicality of such solutions is obvious. The design is stationary, there is no need to move anything to the side.

Choosing a frame

A sofa for sleeping is furniture for use every day. The frequency of operation imposes certain obligations on it, and one of them is the ability to withstand significant loads (from 200-300 kg and above). Also, the frame must be made of well-dried material (if wood), without sound during use. Execution materials can be as follows:

  • Wood
    - beech, oak, birch, walnut. The wood should be dry and smooth, without knots and various kinds of potholes.
  • Metal
    - if you choose a metal frame, it is recommended to opt for welded options. Bolted ones are also produced, but it is important to consider that they will need to be tightened and no one can guarantee the absence of squeaking.
  • In terms of cost, many choose a combination of wooden blocks and chipboard. But often sofas for daily use are not made in this way, just like from pure chipboard.

About the meaning of the color of corner sofas. Photo of the interior of a small room

Designers often prefer to use light colors when decorating rooms. The living room was no exception. There are only a few bright shades in the interior of a small room. Photos of corner sofas in white and beige will help you understand how popular these designs are. White and beige colors are a universal solution for any interior style. They are suitable for any room. But you can also choose a contrasting color if you plan to place the main emphasis on the furniture.

The black corner design with leather trim will be appropriate in a room with a design where the balance of black and white prevails. This solution helps with emphasizing the respectability of the owners. The color of chocolate will be appropriate in the design of a classic interior. A good combination for other cabinet furniture. Some tips for placing corner sofas. Interior of a small room, photo

  • The ideal option is a corner. Then along the two main walls that form the surface there is a part with a back. The room expands spatially, it is possible to organize a large number of places free for guests.
  • You can place the structure against the wall. Then the space will be visually divided into several zones.
  • A solution is also available to use the central part to highlight it for relaxation.

Basic principles

The most important thing when furnishing a one-room apartment with a minimum area (28 square meters) is to take into account the number of residents in a given area, their age, tastes, and preferences.

The standard principles of practical and aesthetic organization of the environment have become the following:

  • Proper use of space - creating the most open area by combining the living area with the kitchen and hallway. Redevelopment - removal of partitions between residential and household premises, combination of furniture and equipment with similar functionality in one space; arrangement of internal partitions, windows, openings, arches, podiums; eliminating doors, replacing them with sliding ones or changing the direction of their opening; vertical organization of the interior (available even with a standard ceiling height of 260 - 270 cm!);
  • Functional furniture - the use of non-standard, folding furniture that can be built into wall niches, alcoves, other places (this can be bought in a store or made to order), a bed with a lifting mechanism, a bed that transforms into a wall with a sofa, shelves and a wardrobe; sofa bed, folding sofa, ottoman, sofa bed, folding sofa, ottoman. The use of mobile pieces of furniture - transformers: folding chairs, extendable tables, fabric hanging wardrobes, screens on wheels;
  • Visual effects of enlarging the room - the active use of mirrors, mirror surfaces, the right choice of color and wallpaper pattern, the use of suitable photo wallpaper, impeccable lighting.

In a small apartment, it is important to choose
light walls, ceilings, and floors that match the color of the furniture.
The level of comfort of housing directly depends on the chosen method of interior redevelopment. The slightest change of internal partitions can lead to the desired result.

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Corner sofa. Photos of the interior of a small room, tips for choosing

The upholstery material plays no less important role than the pieces of furniture themselves. Manufacturers can use genuine leather or tapestries to accomplish this task. Plush is a more affordable material.


The filler also plays an important role. Typically, this function is performed by foam rubber. Modern materials are not subject to rotting, they do not crumble over time. Purchasing spring models is an ideal solution with maximum service life. There should be a lot of springs in the composition, and they are all made of steel. And they are located inside special cells. The entire structure is covered with a metal mesh. Coating with special paint and high-quality drying are a prerequisite for parts made of wood. If there is a smell, it should remain minimal. Otherwise, headaches may appear in the first three months of use. A metal frame is generally preferable to a wooden one. A folding bed and a book are the most popular options for operating the mechanism. There are models with special folding sides and roll-out mechanisms. Here, each buyer makes his choice depending on which option seems most successful. The book does not lose its popularity; it is durable and reliable. The flip phone can break quickly. It is more convenient to purchase such sofas if they very rarely fold out.

Natural upholstery materials do not harm our health, look expensive, but have serious maintenance requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to artificial filling. The color is determined by personal preference, the main thing is that it is not too easily soiled.

Lighting in a one-room apartment

Modern design provides for high-quality artificial lighting. In addition to ceiling chandeliers, which are located above the semantic center of the room, or in each zone, additional lighting is equipped with:

· kitchen countertops, external and internal surfaces of cabinets, dining table;

· mirrors in the hallway, bathroom;

· ceiling along the perimeter or along the line of cabinets;

· places for study, creativity, work;

· balcony, if it is converted into a functional area or used as a dressing room or winter garden;

· headboard. If it is double, then sconces, table or wall lamps are installed on both sides. A multi-tiered bed requires lighting on each “floor.”

Mostly, economical LED lamps and strips with a spectrum close to sunlight are used - it is most comfortable for the eyes.

Photo of corner sofas. Interior of a small room, convenient solutions

A minimum of dark tones - all owners of premises with small areas should adhere to this golden rule. Heavy, excessively dark shades may be present, but in small quantities. The same goes for overly colorful upholstery. The space can be presented favorably thanks to monochromatic products in bright or light shades.

Any style requires appropriate design, even luxurious classics are no exception. An ideal option for modernism is expensive upholstery, impressive volumes, armrests with carved decorations. Ottomans and tables with the same design will give the room a perfect look. Fashionable minimalism presupposes the presence of clear lines and pure colors, the absence of ornaments and decorative details. Canvas fabric looks especially attractive. Only if plain wallpaper is chosen, the sofa upholstery should match it. Otherwise, too colorful a color will visually overload the interior. Many people dream of having white furniture. But we must remember that space is completely subordinate to him. It is also important to ensure that the upholstery is in perfect condition. The main thing is to remember exactly where it will stand. The combination of characteristics depends on this. If you make a mistake, the interior can be ruined rather than decorated. It’s good if there are drawers for linen - they will make a small room and the furniture itself even more functional. It is necessary to take into account even the texture of the materials that are already used for decoration. Upholstery and colors really do offer a wide range of choices to buyers now.

Configuration Features

“Eurobook” is one of the most common, proven and simple models. The main advantage is the spacious sleeping area. A similar system was used in Soviet “folding beds”, but modern models have protective mechanisms at the point of contact with the wall.

Another option for a modernized folding bed is the “click-click” system, which allows you to adjust the degree of backrest tilt - 90 degrees for communication, 45 for relaxation.

Important! All “folding beds” have a significant drawback: in order to unfold this sofa, you need to move it away from the wall each time. It is very uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is worth exploring other configurations

"Accordion" is easy to transform and compact. This type of sofa earned its name because of the mechanism that works like an accordion. To transform, you need to slightly lift the seat and pull it towards you - the berth will slide out on its own.


  • Comfortable sleeping surface.
  • The presence of a drawer for linen.


  • When unfolded, it has impressive dimensions.

Dolphin configuration is often chosen for a children's room. The additional section extends from under the main seat and is adjusted at the same level with it using a special hinge. When folded, the lower section acts as a linen drawer.

Corner sofas in the interior of a small room, photo selection of examples

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