Design of a room for two teenagers (boys, girls or children of different sexes) in a modern style

A room for two teenage boys should be age appropriate. It’s no longer enough to change the cheerful wallpaper and choose beds according to your height. Experienced parents know well that a properly equipped and carefully thought-out personal space for their growing sons often greatly simplifies this difficult period for both parties, called puberty.

Photo of room design for two teenage boys

So, where do we start arranging a room for two almost adult sons? Of course, from a sheet of paper and pencil. Because, without carefully thinking through what should be there and in what combination, without remembering all the preferences and hobbies of your children, you will create just a renovated room, cozy with its newness for you, but not a comfortable refuge for children.

Cozy and comfortable room for two teenagers

Child psychologists advise engaging children in things that are directly related to them. This especially applies to adolescence. Therefore, even if a professional is involved in developing the design of a room for two teenage boys, you should coordinate the project together with them, making only adjustments related to economy and practicality.

An original solution to the space in the design of a room for two teenage boys

Wallpaper for walls in the nursery

Posters and stickers look good on walls in a calm style. Examples of children's room design can be seen in the photo. The premises look light and spacious, creating a feeling of light and freedom. If the interior of a nursery for two children is designed rationally, then maintaining order is very simple. You should use only environmentally friendly materials that are natural, durable, and easy to care for. All furniture must have no sharp corners. Remember that happy children grow up in a properly decorated room.

Textiles, decor, accessories

Additional decorative elements include pillows, wall stickers, bedspreads and curtains. They are selected to suit the overall theme of the room. For boys, a variety of pillows that can be used in active games are of great importance: build barricades, arrange fights, lay them out on the floor to stage role-playing games. Vinyl stickers, in addition to being decorative, can also have an educational function. You can order them individually for your room.

Read more:

Modular parquet with oak strips is chosen for the main hall because of its beauty, and for the nursery because of its resistance to high loads. Before laying the parquet, the floor in the loggia needed to be insulated. The insulation was polyethylene in foil and expanded polystyrene boards. Afterwards, the screed was poured, setting its height using metal beacons. A stiff brush was used to remove air bubbles from the self-leveling gypsum cement mixture.

The presence of insulation in the loggia floor will not provide it with the required temperature, so a floor heating system was installed. Reflective material was placed on the screed, and a heating film was rolled out on top. After this, laminate flooring imitating oak boards was laid.

In the room itself, the first layer was laid out as a substrate of moisture-resistant chipboards. The flooring of the children's room is represented by modular parquet with chamfers. The look is completed by a high plinth made of lightweight and durable LDF board.

Each half of the room has its own color scheme in pastel colors; the combination of colors on the wall, decorated in patchwork style, allows you to combine the two halves into a single whole.

We had to get rid of the old wall decoration along with the old furniture. The walls required leveling, which ensured successive layers of primer, plaster and plaster. The last stage of preparation for finishing work was the finishing layer of snow-white vinyl-based putty.

To place vertical and horizontal lines when decorating panels using the patchwork technique, we used a professional laser. To create the required pattern, we used viscose wallpaper with a special dirt-repellent impregnation.

Decoration in various styles

The classic style is quite an advantageous solution for decorating a nursery. Such an interior involves the installation of wooden beds, decorated with beautiful carved details, the use of various accessories and a royal color palette, making the atmosphere truly magical and fabulous.

The photo shows the design of a modern bedroom for teenage girls.

Coming from France, the romantic Provence style will perfectly complement the bedroom of two girls aged 10 to 12 years. The design often includes natural lilac, pink, soft blue and other pastel palettes, floral prints in wallpaper, pastel linen, curtains and other textiles. Furniture items generally have a lighter and lighter design.

Loft style is more suitable for teenagers from 14 to 16 years old who strive for self-expression and personal development. This interior is distinguished by a very stylish and original look, discreet shades, slightly rough finishes and the use of street decor, such as graffiti.

It is also not recommended for two children to purchase furniture in different styles. If there is some rivalry between them, then this moment can escalate hostility.

Dark colors should not be used in small rooms, because... They already visually reduce the space. Always choose wallpaper colors and textures that are age appropriate. Classic neutral shades and styles will always help parents out: for babies, for schoolchildren, and for teenagers.

Consult with your children on all design issues. The child can independently choose whatever he likes. You shouldn’t contradict or insist on your own if the small owners of the room are unhappy with something. After all, you are trying for them. Give a unique interior, and with it a happy childhood!

Color scheme in a room for two girls

Girls love pink and purple, as everyone knows, but you shouldn't limit yourself to two standard colors. It makes more sense to choose a delicate shade from a pastel range and diversify it with bright decorative elements.

This can be either bright hearts, ruffles, stars, animals and flowers on curtains, wallpaper and bed linen - for preschool-aged sisters, or bright furniture for older children.

The sleeping area should be decorated exclusively in calm tones so that the child can relax in such an environment.

When choosing a color scheme for your design, take a closer look at the following colors: light olive, apricot, blue, soft pink, mint, pistachio, ivory and baked milk, greenish yellow, light green, beige, peach, vanilla, golden.

From the point of view of child psychologists, these are ideal shades for a nursery.

If the height of the room is at least 2.5 m, a glossy stretch ceiling will look very stylish, allowing you to visually expand the space. By coordinating the design with the sisters, you can turn an ordinary ceiling into a night or morning sky, painting it in dark blue with golden stars or delicate azure with snow-white clouds.

The latter option will help visually expand the space and add light to the room.

Attention should be paid to the psychological aspect of colors: for example, red in a nursery is unacceptable, as it causes excitement and even aggression. It can be used exclusively for melancholic and passive babies who need stimulation, and only in play and work areas

If you want bright accents, it is better to use yellow, orange, lilac or hot pink.

It is important not to overdo it with purple and blue colors, especially in bright versions: psychologists say that their abundance can tire and depress children, and sometimes even cause depression

Nursery design for girls: harmony in everything

The gender of children is perhaps the most important factor that must be taken into account in order to obtain a comfortable interior. Listen, first of all, to your own feelings and take the individual characteristics of your children as a basis. No one knows them better than you, and only you can decide in what space they should grow. Whether your daughters are princesses or pirates with a passion for adventure, it doesn’t matter if the main goal is to create a harmonious, comfortable and safe interior. The design of a children's room for a girl should be a continuation of her temperament, the embodiment of her dreams and favorite fairy tales.

Interior created by Soul-Concrete studio

Regardless of the gender and age of children, their room should be well lit and decorated in a color scheme rich in variety. It is better to use warm shades of any of the colors you choose. This will help calm even the most active and restless child. The ceiling can be made completely white or painted in heavenly colors; you should not use dark shades.

Girls room

Fairytale nursery

The author of the project is WhiteRoom studio

If your girls like to lie in bed, then it is better to give their gaze the opportunity to linger on the drawings on the ceiling and walls - this is much more interesting than a strict plain surface. Use framed posters - they will help add variety and bright details to the interior. But remember: the older the children get, the less appropriate the landscapes and drawings around them will become. But a contrasting wall or part of it against the general background will look interesting, will emphasize the division of thematic zones and will give the nursery some structure.

Remember that girls are just as active as boys, so try to provide each of them with their own space for creativity. If it is not possible to separate the playing areas, then consider the placement of the beds in the room in such a way that they can have privacy and hide from prying eyes. They should have their own place to store toys and valuables. These can be niches in the bed or separate shelves on the wall or in the closet.

If there is not much free space, and the children are still small, then the closet can be replaced with a small chest of drawers, which, in turn, will serve as a separator of two zones if placed between the beds.

Characteristics of temperament, tastes and hobbies, as well as age - these are the main criteria that must be followed when creating a room for girls. If they are already going to school, then there will be more writing instruments and books than toys familiar to early childhood. The role of sports and hobbies in their lives should be directly reflected in the interior of the room in which they will spend a lot of time.

Children's room design for two children

Children's room 12 sq. m

Children's room in the attic

When choosing a color scheme, ask each child what color he would like to see his room in and which characters would be best to make his neighbors. The older the child, the more information on this issue he will provide you with, and your task should be to combine different (and perhaps even opposite) tastes into one harmonious picture.

Nursery design for two children

Design by ReRoom studio

Children's room with bunk bed

The interior is the work of Chango & Co studio

Choosing a bed

Two sleeping places take up most of the space in the room, so you should choose a bed based on the square footage of the room. If the size of the room does not exceed 10-12 meters, buy a bunk bed. For very young children, a pull-out bed will be suitable instead of a bunk bed. Two separate beds are suitable for a spacious room. They can be placed next to or along the wall, although the first option will be more comfortable for children. To save space in your schoolchildren’s room, you can buy them two separate modules, consisting of a loft bed and a work desk underneath it. The range of models today is so wide that no matter which option you choose, it can easily fit into the style of the room.

Two separate beds

Classic single beds are made of wood and metal. You can find machine beds, boats, airplanes, and make them to order in any shape and size. If you place them in a room next to each other, separated from each other only by a bedside table, then the children will be able to communicate while falling asleep. In addition, this arrangement will look nice in the common space of the nursery. By placing beds one behind the other along the wall, you can achieve a visual lengthening of the room. Under each of them you can equip drawers for storing things, then there will be 2 times more storage. The main advantages of single beds are safety, convenience and versatility. Correctly selected sleeping places can not be changed for several years.

Bunk bed

A bunk bed is the primary source of increased danger. There is always a risk that a child will fall while playing or sleeping. Therefore, it is worth choosing it especially carefully for children who are already aware of the lurking danger. Before purchasing, carefully check the reliability of the protective strips, whether they can withstand active use by two boys who are ready to try to break something off from time to time. Carefully inspect the stairs that allow you to climb to the second floor. It is best that it be complete, and not based on crossbars connected to each other. It is worth noting that the price of such a bed will be significantly lower than in the case of purchasing two separate beds.

Bed with work place

Modules that combine a bed and a study area stand out compared to other options for accommodating two boys, especially if they are already schoolchildren. This is a functional solution that eliminates the problem of zoning two parts of the room at once. But parents should pay extra attention to the lighting of the desk; often a loft bed casts a shadow on the desk and seriously darkens the space. In addition to the actual bed and table, some modules may also include small wardrobes, making it possible to accommodate two children even in the smallest room. At the same time, no one’s personal space is violated.

Girl, boy or shared nursery?

Layout of a children's room 10 sq. m. largely depends on the number of children and their gender. A wall bars, a bed in the shape of a car, a motorcycle or a dinosaur would be appropriate in a boy’s room.

Photo wallpaper here can reflect space, astronomical or sports themes. The windows of a boy's room are usually closed with blinds or straight, plain curtains.

The design of a girl's room has its own nuances. Here, a mandatory piece of furniture is a dressing table, because even little princesses love to preen themselves in front of a mirror.

Girls are the future guardians of the family hearth, which is why most of them all want to take care of someone.

An aquarium or a cage with a pet can be located here.

If two children live in the room, a bunk bed will help save space. The main thing is to provide each child with a separate personal space for games and hobbies.

Decoration features

This stage of room decoration is best left to the girls themselves.

Depending on the age, the room can be decorated:

  • figured rugs in the shape of hearts or sea heroes;
  • decorative pillows and bedspreads;
  • educational toys;
  • dollhouse and tea table;
  • a place for creativity.

Regardless of what theme the room for your daughters will be decorated in, you need to ask their opinion in everything, because they are the ones who will live here.

Photo gallery: children's room projects for two girls with an age difference of more than five years


A children's bedroom must have:

  • beds or sofa for sleeping;
  • sofa for daytime reading;
  • ergonomic desk, chair for it;
  • bedside chairs for laying clothes.

A bright room filled with high-quality and comfortable furniture will be an ideal place for your baby to spend time.

The second point is controversial. Every parent knows that you need to read while sitting at the table, with an even posture. But children at their age are not assiduous. Therefore, it is better to immediately properly arrange the sofa for reading books. It is installed so as to provide good illumination during the day, and at night - free penetration of light from a chandelier or floor lamps.

Designers advise paying more attention to the child’s opinion when choosing the image of the future room.

Look at the selection of photographs accompanying the article. There's sure to be something there just for you.

Stages of creating an interior

Decorating a nursery is an extremely unique and difficult task. This task becomes even more complicated in the case of two children living together. However, parental wisdom, experience and practicality, with the obligatory consideration of children's opinions, can work real miracles.

This process involves several systematic stages:

  1. First of all, you need to think through the design of the future room (be sure to take into account the child’s wishes).
  2. Having a clear idea of ​​your future apartment, you can safely go shopping for finishing materials: wallpaper, tiles, paints. By this point in the work, the color scheme must be precisely determined.
  3. Carrying out repairs by a qualified team of builders. If you are confident in your abilities and have the necessary skills in this industry, you can carry out the repairs yourself.
  4. Having completed the renovation with your own hands, you can move on to the stage of selecting the necessary interior items.

Choosing shades

It has already been invented before us that blue is a boy’s color and pink is a girl’s color. But in a small room, such contrasting colors should not be used to divide the room into two halves.

In this case, it is better to give preference to a neutral range of colors, while it can be bright (even desirable) or pastel.

Beware of using black, brown or any other dark colors - the nursery should be joyful and positive. Look at the photo - the diverse interiors should inspire you.

  • Lilac, lavender, green, and blue shades are good for a bright, warm room with windows facing south.
  • Yellow, warm lavender, beige tones will “warm” a room located in the north.
  • White color is good in any room. But will it be practical and not boring? You can complement it with accents of red, electric blue or bright green – generously, without skimping.
  • You should be careful with black. They can only adjust the room - visually “raise” the ceilings or divide the room into zones.

It’s another matter if the size of the nursery allows it to be divided into two equal parts. This is the simplest nursery design for children of different sexes. Precisely on the same ones to avoid quarrels. Then, using a partition we divide the room.

Such a room will be comfortable for small children, schoolchildren, adult teenage children, and children of different ages.

The general color design can be in three styles.

  1. Monochrome. Each zone is painted in its own shade, but belonging to the same color spectrum: plum and lilac, lilac and fuchsia, violet and violet. But you will definitely need to dilute this monochrome with bright details - pillows, lampshades, textiles, furniture fronts.
  2. General background. The whole room is decorated in the same color. In this case, it is zoned with the help of decor - posters, stencil drawings on the walls, the same textiles, furniture, screen or curtain.
  3. A game of contrast. For the girl's and boy's parts of the room, opposite shades are chosen that are in harmony with each other: lilac and gray, pink and green, yellow and dark blue, gray and pink, light purple and green, sand and brown, etc.

You can stylistically connect two zones separated by a partition with accessories. Boys' paintings are framed in wine or yellow frames, and girls have blue pillows on the bed. Another connecting link in the interior can be shelves of the same color and configuration, present on both the women's and men's sides.

Make your children's dreams come true

Stars on the ceiling, balls on the wall, favorite cartoon characters - there can be many motifs in a children's room for brothers, but which one should you choose? First of all, take the children's interests into account. If you have an athlete at home, decorate his space with a rug that imitates a green lawn and paint one of the walls the same shade. Instead of a chair, use a pouf in the shape of a soccer ball

If you have an athlete at home, decorate his space with a rug that imitates a green lawn and paint one of the walls the same shade. Instead of a chair, use a pouf in the shape of a soccer ball.

Don't forget about posters of your favorite players - print your chosen photos and hang them in frames, and the green wall will become a great backdrop for them. If your child wins medals or cups, place them in a designated area.

Not only sports, but also space is the passion of many young people. Create a starry sky with colorful paints and decorate them with a moon sticker - the fluorescent gadget will shine at night.

Paint the wall near the bed with a planet pattern - this is a characteristic element, so use it only on one surface and paint over the rest with white paint.

Furniture as a nursery base for two children

When two children of opposite sexes live in a room, they will always find a way to be together. The parents' task is to give them the opportunity for at least relative privacy.

Because The children's area is usually small, making partitions is not an option. Zoning is done by the arrangement of furniture: beds, tables, cabinets. Therefore, let's start with the shape and design of furniture.

White furniture

Because The interests of different sexes and especially different ages differ greatly; it is better to make furniture in a neutral color. And here is a trap - furniture cannot be made in ordinary wood colors. The nursery will still have a lot of bright, saturated colors, and they won’t go with the natural wood browns and yellows. This is why most children's rooms look terrible.

I discussed in detail the importance of white furniture in children's rooms in previous thematic materials. Be sure to check out:

  1. Children's room for a boy
  2. For two boys
  3. Children's room for girls
  4. For two girls

And in general, the most important material I strongly advise you to read: How to combine colors in the interior.

To keep it simple, the only color left for the furniture is completely neutral – white. White goes perfectly with any, even bright colors, it is in fashion, it looks stylish. It is also advisable to choose the color of the laminate flooring with low saturation (i.e., without obvious shifting into shades). Cool example of a nursery for two children, 13 square meters with white furniture:

You can add brightness with wallpaper, accessories and toys. But because children of different sexes, the topic should be neutral, and preferably long-lasting.

Neutral themes from children's cartoons or a superhero theme work well. Interesting design in antique or Scandinavian style, a kind of children's Provence. The latter will be relevant until adulthood.


If your two children, in addition to gender, also differ in age, the design of the nursery should be made for the older one.

When a child is small, he sees a fairy tale in everything and does not experience any discomfort from ordinary design. But in adolescence, being in an overly childish room is bad. This can cause problems during an already difficult period of personal development. Read more in the material about the design of rooms for teenagers. Photo example of a nursery for two, where one teenager is 17.8 sq. m..

Or more stylish options:

Layout for a preschooler

There is no separate area for studying, but there must be a table on which it is convenient to draw, look at pictures or make something. For a quiet rest, a secluded place is provided where the child is not distracted.

It is preferable that the cribs be placed with their headboards facing each other, but not exactly next to each other. If the ceiling is located quite high, then the best solution is a bed with two tiers. Then the child on the top “shelf” will sleep in the same conditions as the child below.

When the ceiling is low, this option should be abandoned immediately. He will be hot and uncomfortable. The crib should be located in a corner, not next to the window opening.

It is better that the beds are not opposite each other. It is very convenient when the furniture in the room is multifunctional.

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