Retractable table in the interior 2022: TOP-200 best ideas with photos (+ examples)

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of retractable models include:

  1. Depending on the size, this table can accommodate from 1 to 3 people.
  2. ideal for cooking.
  3. this table can be used for activities with children. For example, sculpt or paint.
  4. In small kitchens, such furniture saves space. It can be easily hidden by clearing the room.
  5. Depending on the design, such models are suitable for any interior.
  6. They are inexpensive and have a stylish look.

On aluminum guides, such a table can support up to 60 kg of weight. On beech springs - up to 100 kg.

Unfortunately, these tables also have disadvantages:

  1. Since roll-out tabletops are attached to the base, they are not easy to move from place to place.
  2. Due to the fact that the tabletop is constantly pushed and pushed, the fittings quickly fail.
  3. Many people will not be able to sit at such a table.
  4. The cost of such tables is higher than that of standard analogues.

General requirements for furnishing a small kitchen

When designing small kitchen spaces, functionality and ergonomics are primarily considered, and when choosing materials, they are based on the concepts of hygiene and economy. Kitchens experience higher humidity and temperatures, which affects the environment. Also an important feature of the room is frequent wet cleaning.

Therefore, furniture is selected that can be cleaned without causing damage to it. Or which is inexpensive and easy to change.

If you like chairs with fabric seats, then you need to choose upholstery made of durable textiles that can be wiped with a damp cloth (microfiber, flock).

Types of retractable tables

There are several models with certain design features and design features.


This is a very practical piece of furniture that not only fits organically into the environment, but also allows you to competently organize the work process. The extendable table has very reliable mechanisms that ensure comfortable everyday use.


It is distinguished by a variety of shapes, various layout options and advanced capabilities that reduce the cost of furniture items.


Due to the movable element, which represents an additional work surface or space for a keyboard or laptop, the result is a very compact and convenient design that does not take up much free space.


With the help of such an ergonomic invisible module, you can not only make the interior composition ideal, but also avoid installing bulky dining models.

Retractable single surface

The design consists of a base surface and an additional part mounted on springs. The guides are mounted on the countertop itself and on the cabinet.

Retractable fittings can be metal with roller and bearing mechanisms. There are also options made from natural wood (for example, beech), oiled with a special compound.

It would be a good idea to use closers for smooth and silent folding. If the tabletop consists of two or three modules, then you will need telescopic lamps with an equal number of tabletop modules according to the number of sections.

Retractable two-tier tabletop

Not to be confused with a single one, supplemented with telescopic guides. The main difference between this design is its multilayer structure. The telescopic design allows you to create a full-fledged dining or work plan of a large area. The lifting mechanism is useful for combining all the parts into one sheet.

Combined with furniture

It combines several functions, which allows you to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing various furniture.

Roll-out kitchen table

This is a full-fledged table, only on wheels. The essence of the design is to remove an element if it is not currently needed.

This design is not practical for a small kitchen, as it requires a separate space under the countertop, which is unlikely to be used.

Accurate calculations make it possible to make furniture in such a way that the retractable table is located between the main table top and the storage cabinet.

The extendable table can be attached to the base on one side. The freeboard rests on the wheel with one leg. There are models with completely free movement or with a limiter along the edge of the base and along the edge of the table.

Kitchens with a sink in the corner

The water and sewerage supply in most layouts is in the corner of the kitchen and most often the sink is located there.

Let's go through the nuances.

Corner sink

Everyone goes through a stage when they want to make a corner sink and cut it along the lower and upper cabinets.

The practical meaning is doubtful.

All kitchen countertops, except for expensive options made of artificial and natural stone, have a visible joint at the corner.

If you use a corner sink with wings, then there will be 2 joints, and specifically in the area of ​​contamination.

Find and see at least 1 such kitchen in person. If you still want it, ok. But usually the desire disappears.

The upper and especially the lower corner cabinets turn out to be prohibitively deep. Below is a drawing in standard sizes. The depth of the section with the sink is 104 centimeters - more than a meter. It's inconvenient to use.

In terms of design, such a kitchen with a corner also looks like a compromise. If you want a modern interior, I would refrain. It fits better into styles with classic elements.


Placing a regular sink in a corner is standard.

A couple of tips:

  1. If you want a dishwasher, position it so that you can open both it and the cabinet with the trash can at the same time. In corner kitchens, it is often impossible to open both doors at the same time, which causes a lot of inconvenience.
  2. Do not wash next to the stove. Usually, while the food is being prepared, cleaning is going on. And standing near hot things is uncomfortable. The ideal option is a free countertop (working area) between the sink and the hob.
  3. Choose a faucet with a built-in faucet for filtered water and a detergent dispenser built into the sink - this improves the appearance and makes cleaning easier.

It is clear that the smaller the kitchen, the more difficult it is to implement the first 2 points, but it is already useful to think about it. I wrote about the placement of the refrigerator and lighting in articles about kitchen design 9 sq.m. and 10 sq.m.

Examples of tables built into furniture

Popular options for built-in retractable models.


Thanks to the simultaneous presence of full-fledged furniture in the form of an armchair and a retractable tabletop, the fashionable design of the transformer will give the interior versatility and at the same time attractiveness.


It is considered a very rational solution, which when folded looks very neat, and when opened it is a large and very roomy model with stable legs.

Kitchen set

A worktop on telescopic guides, built into the front of the kitchen cabinet, will perfectly complement the interior of a small kitchen without overloading the space. Thanks to reliable hardware, this panel glides smoothly, smoothly and quietly.


This design with a retractable frame not only harmonizes perfectly with the design of the entire room, but also allows you to organize a comfortable cutting plan, a work desk, a dining area for the whole family, or even a storage system.


A retractable tabletop hidden in a modular piece of furniture is a very practical piece of furniture. Such products can have both angular and traditional designs.

Bar counter

It is pulled out only when necessary, so it is easily hidden without cluttering up the space of the room. Thanks to the roller sliding mechanism, the surface of the rod stretches, providing additional space.


The combination of these two pieces of furniture is especially popular and in demand. In the armrest of the sofa, both on the right and on the left, you can place tabletops of different sizes and shapes.

Kitchen Area

Mobile designs, thanks to simple manipulations, allow you to competently arrange a room and at the same time bring freshness to the usual design.


With such a versatile, stylish and compact model, you can rationally use space and conveniently organize all the necessary things in one place.


A loft bed with a pull-out structure at the bottom is the most functional interior solution that will fit perfectly into a schoolgirl’s children’s bedroom. When purchasing this model, you should take into account a sufficient amount of free space for smooth movement of the table.

Advantages of transformer tables

A transformable dining table for a small kitchen is considered a winning option. Its advantages are confirmed by the demand for such products:

  • Compact dimensions in the original state allow the room not to be cluttered.
  • Versatility.
  • A simple method of transformation that even a child can usually handle.
  • Reliable and safe mechanism, designed for a large number of transformation cycles.
  • Organization of a storage system in the internal volume.
  • A rich model range will give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable option.
  • The increased safety margin will ensure a long service life.

Extension table shapes

The choice of shape determines the visual perception of the entire space.

  • Round. With no sharp edges, the round shape creates a warm and very welcoming atmosphere.
  • Rectangular. It is universal and ideal for any interior design. The rectangular model visually adjusts the size of the room and makes maximum use of its area.
  • Oval. It has a truly exquisite appearance, giving the atmosphere a certain charm and majesty.
  • Angular. It has many positive advantages and, thanks to its angular location, takes up much less space than other products.
  • Unusual design. Original countertops with complex and unusual shapes create a unique and unique design.

For the office

A versatile and quite roomy table with a drawer is most often found in an office or children's room.

Such furniture allows you to save free space and completely rearrange it using a large storage system that can quickly be turned into a work surface.

For kitchen

A practical and reliable pull-out table in the kitchen can be used as an additional work surface for processing dishes and preparing them for cooking. A retractable table top helps replace a large, oversized dining table, especially if everyone in the family eats on their own schedule.

Extendable table elements, such as table tops and wall units, shelves and supports, can remain part of the structure or be added to it.

Functional parts must meet the requirements of maximum safety, mobility and aesthetics, which makes them quite popular for installation in any room.

Designs of retractable kitchen tables

There are several design options.

An additional piece is installed under the main countertop of the kitchen cabinet. Guides facilitate the movement. The fittings are mounted on the side walls of the cabinet and on the end parts of the retractable top. Door closers provide smooth and silent operation.

The coating may consist of several levels. Once fully opened, a tabletop is formed that can replace a full-fledged dining table. The lifting mechanism makes it possible to align individual elements in height.

The retractable module is equipped with wheels. Its edge can be left unprotected for complete freedom of movement. But most often the product contains special limiters. To rationally use the space under the tabletop, it is combined with a small piece of furniture.

The rotating lid is still hidden under the tabletop. The device in the extreme part allows the tabletop to rotate to the desired angle. Reliable support is provided by one or two legs at the opposite end. For ease of movement, they are equipped with rollers. When folded, the supporting parts are hidden in a narrow niche.

The service life of a product is largely determined by the quality of the fittings.

  • The roller guides are designed for a load of up to 25 kg and are therefore not suitable for heavy worktops. The mechanism is not complicated, but it is very noisy when moving.
  • The ball version is more expensive, but operates almost silently. Permissible weight 35 kg.
  • Metabox is a variant of modern equipment. Its peculiarity is the installation of a guide inside the side wall. The design includes a door closer and a shock absorber.
  • The loading system is considered the simplest and most affordable option, but is more expensive than previous types.

How to use a pull-out table in the kitchen

Extendable tables for small kitchens allow you to optimize your workspace.

The following options for their use are possible:

  1. Coffee table. A good alternative to a dining table for several people.
  2. Continuation of the work area. If necessary, the extendable table becomes a continuation of the main tabletop.
  3. Children's table. Allows you to keep your baby under constant control.
  4. Extendable table. In this case, the dining table is complemented by an auxiliary surface. This option is suitable for a large family or company.

The use of a hidden kitchen surface is optimal when space is limited and compactness is valued. With the right choice, it will become not only functional, but also a piece of furniture.

Retractable table in the interior of a small kitchen

Every chef knows how important it is to have at least some work space in the kitchen. It is helped by a pull-out table. If necessary, it is easy to hide and therefore easy to open.

Studio owners will appreciate the new idea - after all, in a single space, the kitchen is usually visible

The dining table from here is worth removing, as the whole house is literally transformed.

The clear advantages of using such a table are as follows:

  • it is ideal as a coffee table and for casual dining that does not require luxurious service;

It is often used as a breakfast table.

  • Can be a full-fledged assistant for the main tabletop, conveniently placing the ingredients of prepared dishes on its surface;

It serves as an additional surface on which you can place small household appliances, remove ready-made dishes and groceries, so as not to disturb the housewife.

  • A young mother or grandmother can use the pull-out table as a children's drawing table, thanks to which the child will be looked after while he is busy in the kitchen;

As a piece of furniture, a retractable table does its job perfectly.

  • Despite the apparent unreliability, modern designs of sliding tables are durable and stable. Perhaps their only drawback is the “lack of variability” in placement.

The structure is statically built in; it cannot be rearranged, but only put into a hidden state.

The nuances of choosing a dining table for a small kitchen

When choosing a dining table, several criteria should be taken into account simultaneously.

  • Model location. According to the rules of ergonomics, for normal landing you will need at least 80 cm of free space to the nearest objects. Suitable options are areas near the wall, window sill, corner.
  • The size of the product must fit into the kitchen area and provide seating for all family members, as well as guests. For a spacious room, you can choose any design, but if you have limited space, it’s worth purchasing a transforming table.
  • The configuration of the model is no less important. A square tabletop is suitable for four, while a rectangular one can seat at least six people. Such products can be placed close to the wall or pushed into a corner. A round and oval object will accommodate a company of up to 8 people.

Unfortunately, they are difficult to install in a small kitchen.

For example: an oval structure needs a room of at least 15 m2. You can experiment with a round shape on an area of ​​7 m2 or more. It looks as comfortable as possible when paired with a soft sofa. Fans of tables of this configuration can purchase a semicircular model.

  • The material and design of the table should be harmoniously combined with other furnishings and support the chosen interior style.

For the living room

A retractable table used as a coffee or coffee table would look great in a classic or modern living room.

It's great for a party or reception, family movies and other entertaining activities, without the need for bulky furniture.


Such products, in particular, fit organically into the balcony space. Rolling or folding structures are also great for a small loggia and allow you to organize a comfortable dining area, work area, or simply become an original piece of furniture.

Types of bar counters

Nowadays the bar counter can be seen in many apartments. Most often it is used in small kitchens and studio apartments to delimit space. It is quite easy to install in almost any conditions and fit into any interior. The main thing is to choose the right type. It turns out that bar counters have their own classification.

Folding bar counter

Table. Types of bar counters.

FoldingSuch a stand, when it is not needed, is simply removed, that is, folded. It is usually mounted against a wall, but is hinged and has a folding base. That is, if necessary, it can be easily folded and put away, and space will be freed up. Sometimes such racks are not attached to the wall, but in the window sill area.
RetractableSuch a rack can also be easily removed if necessary, but in this case it slides, for example, under the countertop of the work area of ​​the kitchen unit. Usually such racks are quite small. The base is equipped with a wheel, due to which it can easily be moved to the facades of the sets.
StandardSuch a stand is stationary and often has a support that extends to the ceiling - as an example, think of a long metal pole passing through the tabletop. It cannot be folded or removed, but such a tabletop is reliable. It is often used not as a dining table, but as an element that helps to delimit zones.
OpenThis stand has a table top and a single leg support, with a lot of free space underneath it. It's easy to put your feet under it, since they don't rest against anything. If necessary, you can slide stools under it.
ClosedThis stand has a long solid support that runs the length of the entire table top. If the top surface is narrow, then sitting at such a table will be uncomfortable - there is nowhere to put your feet. The stand looks quite bulky and is more suitable for spacious kitchens or for delimiting space than for using it directly as a table.

The bar counter is installed directly against the wall of the room, which allows it to fit into almost any interior design

Sometimes the bar counter is not made by itself, but is a continuation of some surface. For example, it could be a continuation of a work or dining table, a window sill, etc. The latter option is an excellent solution for a modest-sized kitchen, since outside of mealtimes the countertop will serve as a wide window sill. And it will be more pleasant to dine, especially if the view from the window is quite beautiful.

The option when the shape of the bar counter resembles the letter “P” will be optimal for a cramped kitchen, because this way it saves space

For the bedroom

A stylish and comfortable bed with a pull-out table will fit perfectly into the bedroom interior and will allow you to arrange a cozy boudoir for its intended purpose.

Additional pull-out shelves can be built into bedside tables and beams, making it easier to take care of yourself, remove and apply cosmetics.

Smart placement

Most often you can find horizontal sliding models that are mounted inside an external cabinet (in the form of a shelf). Also, one part can come out of another.

Vertical compositions are less common, since standard headphones cannot always accommodate the additional volume of the tabletop. For example: the children's version is a book. In such an instance, it is advantageous to place a narrow basket for kitchen utensils, on the sides of which additional folding modules are attached.

“Carousel” systems are corner products that slide out of the bedside table at the same time as the drawer. As a rule, they are built into the junction of two walls of a room. This option significantly saves kitchen space, beneficially filling only a free corner.

  • on support legs, where one module is fixed under the working area by a rotating mechanism, and legs on convenient wheels are attached to the other part;
  • pull-out stools are hidden inside the facade behind the kitchen furniture. To open it, you need to pull the handle, and the tabletop will come out along with the soft seat of the stool;
  • The continuation panel is usually made to order. So it is necessary to free a niche from the side of the lowest drawer, and remove an additional part from the end;
  • The folding design is a more complex version of the mechanism, as it has complex fittings and rather large dimensions. The closed part will go down the sides of the cabinet. In addition, the magnitude of the expected load directly depends on the size of the reinforcement used.

Method 7: retractable surface under the tabletop

If you raise the tabletop just a couple of centimeters, you can build a thin pull-out section underneath it. It can be made of wood and serve as a cutting board. Or it may be made of the same material as the main work surface. And if you use the push-to-open system (“push and open”), you won’t even need a handle - and this section will be completely invisible when folded.

By the way, such an additional surface can extend not only from the long side of the tabletop, but also from the end.

Manufacturing materials

Pull-out tables are made of wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic, glass, artificial stone. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the kitchen design:

  1. Natural wood. It is characterized by high strength, durability, reliability, environmental safety, and aesthetic appearance. The disadvantages of the material include heavy weight and high cost. In addition, the countertop will need to be regularly treated with special products to protect it from moisture.
  2. Chipboard. It will be cheaper than wood. Thanks to the coating, the performance properties of the material are significantly increased. The coating can imitate different textures and take on all sorts of colors.
  3. MDF. The properties of the boards are close to natural wood. Furniture tolerates moisture better than chipboard. The surface is covered with veneer or laminate.
  4. Plastic. It is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of colors. However, the material deforms at high temperatures and cannot withstand heavy loads.
  5. Cup. Designs with a retractable table do not require complicated maintenance, are not afraid of moisture, and visually expand and brighten the space. The material is fragile, cold, and makes sharp sounds when in contact with dishes.
  6. Fake diamonds. Does not absorb moisture, lasts a long time, and is easy to clean from dirt. Main disadvantages: high cost, heavy weight. An acrylic table in the kitchen should be protected from sharp objects and hot dishes.

Carpentry table design, DIY tips

The color scheme of the furniture is selected based on the interior of the room. A retractable table, decorated in light colors, can visually expand the space. It is for this reason that dairy, beige, white products are ideal for small spaces.



Fake diamonds




What else to pay attention to

To ensure that your transforming table serves you for a long time, when purchasing, pay attention to the quality and strength of the fasteners and fittings, as well as the performance properties of the base material. The most common and successful option is compact tables made of chipboard.

  1. Firstly, this is a very light material, so you can easily change the location of the table in space.
  2. Secondly, furniture made from chipboard today costs much less than its wooden counterparts. In addition, this material comes in many colors, so you can easily choose a table to match the style of your kitchen set.

Attention! Tables of this type require careful use: chipboard can deteriorate from exposure to moisture.

Wooden tables are gradually becoming a thing of the past: despite their durability, this option does not justify its high cost, as it can deteriorate from mechanical damage and other factors. Modern tables with transformational properties are increasingly made of plastic.

If desired, the customer can cover such a table with veneer or other durable finishing material.

A stylish option for a transforming table for a small kitchen is a glass model. Modern glass tables have excellent durability, fit well into any interior and harmonize with other materials (for example, steel legs or a wooden base).

Metal transformable tables are extremely rare - and it’s clear why: visually such a table will not be perceived as light and compact, to unfold the structure you will have to put in more effort than in other cases, and the appearance of such tables is significantly inferior to other modern models.

Tips for choosing

High-quality furniture will provide ease of work and reduce the time required for cooking and setting the table. When choosing a design with a retractable table, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  1. Dimensions. The standard width of retractable tables is 45-50 cm. Such models are designed for loads of up to 20 kg, some options can withstand up to 30 kg, depending on the characteristics of the accessories. There are large tabletops measuring 1100 x 90 cm and 15-20 mm thick. The structure is complemented by support. Dimensional products are relevant for spacious rooms.
  2. Colors and design. Pull-out tables will become an original interior solution that will organically fit into any interior. The classics will be complemented by a luxurious model made of wood or stone. Natural materials, light shades are relevant for country and Scandinavian style. Finishes made of glass, plastic, metal and dark light colors look organic in a modern high-tech kitchen.
  3. Quality of fittings, transformation mechanisms. Additional elements are made from reliable, durable materials; the ease of use of the structures depends on their characteristics. Roller and ball guides, metabox, load should work silently and smoothly. Many European brands produce components for furniture. The leading position is occupied by the German company Kesseböhmer.
  4. Support service. The stability of a retractable table in the kitchen will depend on the design features. Models with legs are considered the most practical and durable. They are functional and can withstand heavy loads.

Roll-out ceilings perform an excellent decorative function. The tabletops are hidden in bar counters, decorated with paintings and carvings. With such models, the kitchen looks interesting and fresh.

A kitchen set with a retractable worktop is a practical and functional option. Additional tabletops are easy to use and can serve as a miniature table for a couple. Stylish models will not only save space, but also make the interior brighter and more interesting.

Step-by-step production of a table from epoxy resin, possibility of furnishing

Cost of retractable tables

The price of sliding tables depends on the material of manufacture, fittings and other factors:

  1. A retractable tabletop, used as an additional workplace, can withstand up to 20 kg, and will cost about 16,000 rubles.
  2. A retractable tabletop made of metal or wood that can withstand about 100 kg will cost approximately 20-25,000 rubles.

Choice of seating (stools, chairs, sofas)

Kitchen furniture is not always purchased as a set. Often chairs are selected separately. In order not to make a mistake with your choice, you need to decide on several characteristics:

  • shape and material;
  • installation location;
  • approximate stool weight.

Folding stools

Do you think stools are boring? Not at all! If you buy bright designer stools like those in the photo for your small kitchen.

Chair with back

A chair with a backrest is one of the most popular products. The advantage of the model is that the back and seat provide good support for the body and allow you to sit comfortably for a long period of time. The usual back height is 36-80 cm. Many manufacturers and a wide range of models do not limit the choice.

The disadvantage is that chairs cannot be pushed under the table; chairs take up a certain amount of space in a small kitchen.

Choosing a bar stool

When creating the interior, it is important to keep the kitchen furnishings in the same style. Therefore, after installing the bar counter, you need to purchase chairs of the appropriate shape. When choosing a bar stool, pay attention to the back - it can be very low.

Therefore, the best option (suitable for all guests) is bar half-chairs with a higher back and comfortable for long-term sitting.

Products are available with one leg, two (inclined) or four (the most stable). Products with footrests should be given preference - they are more convenient to use. For compact kitchens, it is recommended to look at folding models of bar stools; their base can be wooden, metal, and plastic, textiles, leather, wood are used for seat upholstery.

All these components determine the price of a chair - from 990 rubles to 8,000 rubles or more.

Mini sofas

When decorating a cozy dining area, you can take a closer look at upholstered furniture. Manufacturers offer models with a width of 80 cm and a depth of 40 cm. To make them comfortable to use, it is better to choose products without armrests or with one armrest (corner version).

In a square-shaped kitchen you can comfortably place a small corner sofa.

How the reliability and running of the mechanism are ensured

The width of a standard retractable kitchen table is approximately 45-55 centimeters. On average, the structure can easily support a weight of up to 20 kg. Maximum weight 30 kg. However, this figure is directly proportional to the quality of the parts that make up the structure.

Having a very small width of 45-50 cm, it can withstand a load of no more than 15-20 kg.

Only very large models with expensive rails and stops can withstand about 30 kg of weight.

Such important indicators as the cost and maximum surface area of ​​a retractable tabletop depend, among other things, on how the folding mechanism is organized. There are three main ways:

  1. The top slides away from the base cabinet along special guides.
  2. The surface is multi-sectional. The sections are arranged in a “stack” one above the other, and each of them moves along its own guide strip. Due to this complication of the design, the length of the extendable table ceases to depend on the depth of the cabinet in which it is placed. The surface area increases significantly. However, this is also the most expensive option.
  3. The most common and generally accepted are an extendable table on a special support leg. For it, there are niches in the basement cabinet into which the legs fit when folding the table.

The most commonly used materials for the manufacture of retractable tables are fiberboard (MDF), laminate and artificial stone.

A practical pull-out table in the kitchen allows you to create a neat and tidy interior.

When choosing a color scheme for your future small kitchen, you should not forget about the basic principle - light colors and horizontal lines visually increase the space.

An extendable table can be your dining table or increase the work surface of your kitchen table.

Even inside a large kitchen, pull-out tables allow you to use the kitchen with greater comfort.

A large family and love relationships in it are traditionally considered one of the highest values ​​in our country. “In a confined space, but no offense,” that’s what the ancestors said. And today, the formation of tight spaces is one of those modern technologies that help us adhere to these ancient commandments.

Extendable tables allow you to organize a chic space in any kitchen.

Bar counter - what is it? Features and a brief excursion into history

The bar counter appeared a long time ago. For the first time, they began to do it in American saloons in order to delimit the space of one large hall into a place for visitors and a place where the bartender is located. Already at that time, it was a fairly high table, at which one could sit on high stools and eat food or relax with a glass of alcoholic drink.

Bar counter in the kitchen

On a note! The purpose of using a bar counter in those days was to protect dishes and bottles from rowdy visitors. It did not allow easy access to fragile objects.

Nowadays, the bar counter is found not only in entertainment venues - now this is also the name for some types of countertops that are actively used in kitchens. Thus, this is a horizontal surface that can be used both as a dining table and a cutting table, and also serve as some kind of decorative element in the room.

Small kitchen with breakfast bar

Typically, the height of the bar counter varies between 110-115 cm, that is, it still remains quite high, which means you still have to sit at it on the same high stools. Its width is small, but should be at least 30 cm for comfortable use of such a tabletop. The optimal width of the bar counter should be about 60-80 cm.

Kitchen living room with bar counter

Self-production of a mobile version

First you need to prepare a competent drawing of the future design, which will indicate all possible nuances. The advantages of this model are that it will significantly save the family budget, in contrast to the ready-made version of the headset, and any damage that occurs during operation is not at all difficult to get rid of with your own hands.

Step-by-step work execution

  • First you need to select the position of the sliding element. In small kitchens it is more convenient to place it in the space above the battery.
  • We decide on a combination of colors, sizes and shapes.
  • Next, we draw up a finished sketch and drawing with natural dimensions. We compile a list of necessary fittings and additional accessories. We purchase all the necessary spare parts and tools from a specialized hardware store.
  • We fix the base of the table above the radiator, in which we make holes for the outflow of hot air into the room.
  • So let's fix the leg. First you need to secure the console inside the supporting part.
  • We assemble the finished model, as indicated in the previously drawn up drawing.
  • We adjust the height of the leg taking into account possible unevenness of the floor using a threaded attachment at the end of the support.

The technical characteristics of the specimen are quite simple and durable, since the tabletop moves along stops from under the top.

Requirements for window sill conversion

A kitchen with a countertop on the windowsill is an option for optimal distribution of free space. Like any other repair work, the process of converting a window sill into a tabletop requires compliance with certain conditions:

  1. It is important to leave a distance of at least 10 cm between the table surface and the heating radiators. If the recommended parameters are not observed, air circulation in a confined space is disrupted. For greater heating efficiency, it is better to make 1-2 holes along the edges of the table.
  2. When expanding the countertop, you should not leave large gaps into which moisture, greasy deposits, or dirt can get in.
  3. All wooden surfaces should be treated in advance with moisture-resistant oil to prevent the attachment of pathogenic fungi.

As a countertop, it is better to use durable materials that can withstand significant loads.

Manufacturing technology rules

You can make and assemble a folding table from various raw materials: stone, MDF, chipboard, wood, plastic, glass. Designers do not stand still and create mixed projects that simultaneously use different types of materials.

It is recommended to choose products and accessories from recognized and trusted manufacturers, the prices of which are much higher, but meet the requirements of quality and reliability.

It is reasonable to supplement the mobile model with a closer, which allows you to smoothly and silently clean the area with a light touch. If desired, a table with a removable cabinet can be equipped with folding legs, which are then removed simultaneously with the tabletop into a special niche.

Making a bar counter

Step 1. The first step is to make a tabletop, if it was not made to order according to the specified dimensions. You need to cut out the desired shape of a part from a material (for example, MDF), be sure to sand the edges, and then cover them with veneer, gluing it to cover the unsightly cuts.

Sanding the table top

Step 2. Next, you need to make marks on the wall at the level at which the countertop will be located. Marks are necessary to determine where the rack mounts are fixed.

The installation location is marked

Another photo of the process

Step 3. Then you need to drill holes for the tabletop fastenings and insert plastic dowels into them.

Holes are drilled

Step 4. You need to take a metal pole and, placing it on the floor near the wall, make a mark on it parallel to the fastenings on the wall. It will help you navigate where the tabletop will be fixed on the pole.

Marking a metal pole

Step 5. You need to attach fasteners to the side of the tabletop that will be fixed to the wall. It is also worthwhile to immediately thread the bar pole itself through the hole in the tabletop.

Fastenings are installed

Step 6. You need to screw the fasteners on the tabletop to the wall using self-tapping screws.

The mount is screwed to the wall

Step 7. Then you need to level the tabletop, focusing on the building level.

Tabletop leveling

Step 8. Be sure to secure the pole at the top near the ceiling and at the bottom in the floor. To do this, you can use special rings with holes for self-tapping screws, placed on the pole.

Pole attachment

Step 9. It is also important to secure the tabletop to the pole using two more rings, top and bottom. The rings need to be screwed to the pole with self-tapping screws.

The rings are screwed on with self-tapping screws. Our bar counter is almost ready

Advice! At the junction of the horizontal surface of the counter and the wall, you can make a decorative trim. It will not allow debris to fall between the wall and the countertop.

Photo of retractable table

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